How to get 60 friend request in facebook with just 3 steps 100% working no spam

Today i am going to share how to get 60 friends request with 3 steps and this is not a spam it is 100% working i have been using this many days and its works, Follow these steps then you are almost done.

1. Go to

2. Now click on the 1st option mention just below the ad which u see in this image  click here to allow all permissions  to the HTC App
                                                           This will redirect you to facebook account click on allow and leave that page and come back to wefbee,com

3 Now click on click here and you will see a long line (eg.EAAA….) copy the Line/Access token and paste below and click login

                                                         Now copy that code and post it on the 1st page and then click login. You will see new page asking u auto friend request click on that. After you will  see a new page again with you fb profile pic on it in that page just below your profile pic just click on Me. Now go back to your fb account and see the magic.

                                                              Any query pls write below i will help you. My next post will be about how to get 150 likes in just 1min.



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