Nokia Lumia 1520 & Nokia Lumia 1320

Nokia lumia 1520 :
Key Specs: 6 inch full hd 1080p display, qualcomm snapdragon 800 quad core processor, 2gb ram, 32gb storage, 20mp primary camera, 1.2mp secondary camera . Check out the detailed specs here : Nokia Lumia 1520 in India . 
Expected launch in India: December 2013 end
Expected price: 45,000 – 47,000
Paajis Comments:  Another new entrant into the phablet arena. Looks sturdy and well designed. Processing muscle is also upto par with most of its competitors. But a tad too pricey when compared to Galaxy Note 3 ‘s 45,000 price tag, which also offers better specs and features. Overall, worth a buy if you want a change from iOS / Android environment, need a good camera and a fan of wireless charging.
UPDATE : Lumia 1520 is now available within price range of 44,000/- to 47,400/-
Nokia lumia 1320:
Key Specs: 6 inch hd 720p display, qualcomm snapdragon s4 dual core processor, 1gb ram, 8gb storage, 5mp primary camera, VGA secondary camera. Check out the detailed specs here : Nokia Lumia 1320 in India  .
Expected launch in India: February 2014
Expected price: 22,000 – 25,000
Paajis Comments:  Again, a well designed phone. It is a budget phablet phone and a toned down version of Lumia 1520. I feel the resolution of the screen is low for the 6 inch display and Nokia could have offered a better secondary camera. Looks like it will be popular amongst the students and  will give a good competition to Galaxy Mega.
UPDATE : Lumia 1320 is now available within price range of 22,800/- to 24,300/-

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