LG G3 to launch in May with 5.5″ QHD screen, G Pro 2 at MWC

Rumors of various 2014 flagships have started and now LG is the target of gossip. Apparently the company is working on a Optimus G Pro successor, which will be unveiled at the MWC and pave the way for the LG G3.

LG unveiled the G2 relatively late last year – Sony, HTC and Samsung announced their flagships in Q1, while the G2 announcement came in August. The flagship launch timetable has been moved up this year, according to Korean publication Asiae.

According to its sources, the LG G3 will launch on May 17, compared to the G2, which was released in September. There’s speculation that this is to counter the alleged Galaxy S5 launch in March.

The publication goes on to add that LG continues the one-upmanship by using a QHD (2,560 x 1,440) that’s as big as 5.5″. Both Samsung and Sony‘s upcoming flagships are rumored to have 5.2″ QHD screens. To put things in perspective, 5.2″ is the same size as the G2, while 5.5″ is the screen size of the Galaxy Note II.

LG will allegedly unveil the Optimus G Pro 2 in late February at the MWC (the original was announced at the MWC too). The second generation phablet is said to have a 5.9″ QHD screen.

Concrete details on other specs of either device are not known at the moment, but there’s probably going to be a Snapdragon 80x chipset at their hearts (hopefully 805) and quite possibly an OIS camera. If the launches are indeed so close, we should be seeing leaks of near-final hardware soon, so we might not have to wait long.Image


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