P-Per Mobile Phone by Chocolate Agency

P-Per Mobile Phone by Chocolate Agency


P-Per Mobile Phone
Gear  |  Concept
The P-Per Mobile designed that likes the next generation Apple iPhone. By Chocolate Agency, is a simple and sustainable mobile phone with an unlikely combination of features. It is made of only four layers, with one being an e-paper screen that wraps the entire handset. The high sustainability of P-Per lies in its corestructure: it is designed to follow the rule of “one function-one part-one material”. P-Per is made out entirely of sustainable materials, such as extruded polycarbonate to cope with its physical functions (body, screen protection, unique click); hypoallergenic and recyclable titanium parts; the e-paper screen to display images with no distortions, and without the need of power supply; and an Organic Radical battery that is free from heavy metals. It is at once advanced and simple, green and unique.

P-Per is unique to individual users, as the look of the phone can be changed in a click. It is able to incorporate personal choice of colours and graphics, and is able to be wrapped with the user’s personal pictures.
P-Per combines the most advanced of features. It has a screen located on each of its two sides �C mobile phone and messaging functions are displayed on one, and a camera (with a panoramic wrapped viewfinder) is displayed on the other. The 3-mega-pixellens enables the user to take beautiful photographs, and is suitable for video calls. The handset is light and slim (7mm). The stand-by time is incredible with an “lways-on” picture and a “2-minute” blazing-fast charge.

P-Per’s design was conceptualised to be as simple as possible. Its design incorporates a big screen, a haptic touch-screen, and a menu-less intuitive user interface with a rotating-screen function and a simple bar for quick access to all functions


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