Nokia Sun leaks out – specs and release date of Nokia’s first WinPho7 device

Remember Nokia? Apart from a stunning loss of fortune, market share and independence, they used to be talked about endlessly for their world-beating phones. Well that day is back (well, momentarily!) as news of the first Nokia Windows Phone 7 device has leaked out from Orange France, complete with specs and a new name – the Nokia Sun.

Set for its debut at NokiaWorld on October 26th, the Nokia Sun looks like it’s on track to be on sale in the week of 7-13th November, which is just in time for Christmas 2011. And what a Christmas present it would be for Nokia if it could actually do this, as this is the first significant Nokia phone we’ve been able to get excited about that actually has a future!

And not just any future – the Nokia Sun has a whole company riding on it and is probably the most important phone the company has ever made.
Nokia Sun
So what can we expect from the Nokia Sun? Well the Orange France rumour suggest a 3.7” AMOLED display, 1.4GHz processor (no news yet on whether it’ll be dual core or not), 16GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera and a microSIM card.
Nokia Sun rumoured specification

None of this should be particularly surprising, as Windows Phone 7 devices are all pretty much the same as Microsoft doesn’t let WinPho7 manufacturers deviate much from their nailed down spec. Indeed, that spec is already overshadowed by the HTC Titan, HTC’s latest WinPho7 device that’s already on sale!
We can expect the camera to be pretty good, as Nokia is renowned for putting superb cameras and lenses in its phones, but the other specs should be pretty similar to every other WinPho7 device out there.
But it’s not the specs that has everybody intrigued – it’s what Nokia has been able to do with WinPho7 to make it a true Nokia device rather than another me-too WinPho7 device – that’s what everyone’s dying to find out.

Will the user interface and whole user experience be different? We won’t have long to find out!

What are you hoping to see in the Nokia Sun?

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