Asus MeMO Pad

Asus announced the 7-inch Android tablet dubbed as the Asus MeMO Pad earlier this month. The tablet is expected to hit stores later this year for the price of at $149. Well, it seems that Asus is teasing the tablet once again. You are looking at the first official advert of the Asus MeMO Pad. Asus has just published the ad today and managed to highlight some of the tablet’s cool features. Among the teased features include an applicationcalled Asus Studio which is used to manage, edit, and tag photos.
Asus MeMO Pad
Another is BudyBuzz, an app that connects social networks in one place, and an audio technology called SonicMaster. Asus also highlighted the tablet’s front HD camera, micro-SD slot, a drawing tool called MyPainter, a note-taking application called SuperNote Lite, a 5GB web storage lifetime offer, an office application called WebStorage Online Office, and multi-tasking capabilities with floating app. You can check out the rest of the video above for more details. The Asus MeMO Pad is a cousin of the Nexus 7 tablet, and it will arrive in Titanium Gray, Cherry Pink, and Sugar White color flavors.
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