Samsung Chrome book Series 3 Cheaper, more productive alternative to a tablet


Samsung’s latest Chrome book – the Series 3 XE303C12-A01US – is small, slim, and speedy. This little laptop weighs less than 2.5 pounds and packs a decent performance punch, assuming you’re comparing it to the right machines. A laptop-shaped improvement to a tablet or smart phone The Samsung Series 3 runs the browser-based Chrome operating system. The Samsung Series 3 looks like a laptop, but it’s not. It’s equipped with a mobile processor and very little internal storage, and it runs the browser-based Chrome operating system instead of the Apple Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows platform. It performs more like a tablet or advanced smart phone than a ultra portable. If you’re looking to do much more than surf the web and create cloud-based content (via Google or another service), then this is not the laptop for you. But if you’re looking for a tablet with much better content-creation functionality–namely, an integrated keyboard–then the Samsung Chrome book is an appealing option.


Better performance than many tablets

Sturdy construction


Takes time to adapt to the keyboard

No physical right-click option


Processor speed              1700.0 MHz

Processor type  Samsung Exynos 5 (dual core ARM)

Memory size      2048.0 MB

Display type       LCD

Resolution          1366 x 768 pixels

Aspect ratio        16:9

Display size         11.6 inches

Graphics Type   Integrated

Drive size             16.0 GB

Drive type           Solid-State Drive


Webvizbench (HTML 5 Benchmark)         5.4  Average Frames per Second

Sunspider (Javascript Benchmark)            0.69  Seconds


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