Top 10 reasons why you will go gaga over Samsung Galaxy Grand


We list the top 10 reasons that makes the 5-inch Android Jelly Bean powered Galaxy Grand stand out in the crowd

Samsung has perfected its recipe for the phablet market – from the Galaxy Note to Galaxy Note 2, it’s been at the top of its game throughout. Now with the introduction of its latest phablet, the 5-inch Galaxy Grand it combines three unlikely bedfellows –jaw dropping good looks, impressive hardware specs and a budget price tag. Know Your Mobile brings you the top 10 features that makes this latest smartphone stand out in the crowd.

1. Built

The ergonomically designed Galaxy Grand fits comfortably in the palm of your hands, making it easy to hold and carry. Sporting dimensions of 143.5 x 76.9 x 9.6mm, this lightweight device oozes style and sleekness we have been grown used to with the Galaxy range of devices. The device has a plastic built, which should serve well in carrying out daily functionalities.

2. Processor

The Galaxy Grand is powered by a Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) OS and 1.2 GHz dual-core processor ensuring  that the phablet has enough power to run smoothly, without any noticeable lags.

3. Operating System

Equipped with Project Butter and Google Now, the device promises users a new-age phablet experience where convenience and ease of use are key.

4. Dual-SIM

The smartphone boasts of Smart Dual SIM features that provides total communication flexibility, aiding you to swap two phone numbers within a single phone. It also offers flexibility of selecting different mobile billing plans for either SIM which allows managing of data plans better. In addition you can receive calls on one SIM number while taking a call from the other, ensuring you never miss a call.

5. Multi-Window display

Samsung’s Multi Window display makes multi-tasking a breeze. This feature allows seamless multitasking and running of multiple applications simultaneously without having to switch screens.

6. Features

The smartphone houses various intuitive features to allow users to engage with the device. These include:

    Smart Stay – prevents the device from going into standby mode while it detects a user in front of the device

    Direct Call  – this feature enables users to automatically dial a call by raising the device up to the ear

    S Voice – to control the phone using your voice

    Face and voice unlock  – this feature enables the users to lock and unlock their device with face or voice recognition, providing better security for the device

    Smart Alert  – another handy feature, this shows missed events such as missed calls and new messages just by picking up the phone

    Popup Play  – last but not the least, for users who like to multitask. Now you can watch video in a pop-up window anywhere on the screen, while multitasking

7. Apps

The hybrid smartphone also comes packed with some rich connected applications that users will love. First up is the ChatOn, Samsung’s unique cross-platform communication service that enables you to freely share multimedia content, do group chatting, create personalized animated messages, socialize and more.

Then there is Games Hub and My Services that includes a bouquet of services like myMovies, myMusic, myMobileTV, myStation,myReader and myEducation. While  myMovies gives you access to thousands of Indian movies, trailers and film songs, myMusic allows you to download and listen to English and Bollywood numbers from a song collection that totals more than 250,000. Similarly, myReader allows Galaxy Grand users to access Indian newspapers, magazines, over 30,000 books and for the first time, even audio books.

For the movie buffs, use MyMobileTV to watch 100+ Live TV channels and myStation for Live Concerts and performances on their device.

8. Camera

The Galaxy Grand ships with dual camera support – a 8-megapixel primary camera and a secondary 2-megapixel camera. Equipped with flash, ultra quick camera start up, backside illumination sensor and zero shutter lag, the phablet arms you with the ability to shoot gorgeous pictures even in the dark, along with full HD video recording capabilities.
9. Storage

Putting rest to all your storage concerns, Samsung with Galaxy Grand brings 8 GB of internal storage, which can be expanded by up to 64 GB with a microSD card. In addition a 1 GB of RAM ensures that the device runs efficiently and quickly at all times too.

10. Pricing  

Samsung Galaxy Grand is priced at Rs. 21,500, a very interesting price bracket that is bound to entice Samsung fans to open their wallets to. Samsung sweetenes the deal by adding free music and movies download through ‘My Services’ worth Rs. 8000, 50GB Dropbox space and a flip cover. Additionally Vodafone users get 2GB data download free per month for 2 months.


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