No more black and white: Nokia to sell colour phones only

With the price expected to be below Rs 1200 the new entry level color phone will be manufactured in India to lower costs.

Nokia is all set to bid adieu to the black and white (Monochrome) display based mobile phones from its product category. In place of that Nokia will be launching a cheaper colour display based mobile phone, according to a report of The Hindu Business Line.


Nokia 100, at around Rs 1,200, is the cheapest colour display based mobile phone of the company while Nokia 1280 is the lone black and white phone of the company that is widely available in the market for less than Rs 1,000. Considering that the price of the new device is expected to be lower than Rs 1,200.

Nokia to sell colour phones only

As per the report, the new device will also be manufactured in Nokia’s Chennai facility for both the domestic as well as international consumption mainly for countries like Africa and China.


The specifications of the device are however not yet confirmed but the device is expected to feature specifications similar to its present cheapest colour mobile phone – the Nokia 100 – with a 128 x 128 pixel color display and support for all basic functionalities along with FM radio reception for multimedia needs.


The new device will be launching soon but the final date of launch is not yet revealed by the company. This move is expected to answer the competition that Nokia is facing form lesser known or imported brands


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